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1. Objective
This category is intended to foster students creativity to realize their ideas in the construction of
simple chef robot as a prototype of a machine which is useful for real life.

2. Brief Desciption
2.1 The robots must be in a static position.
2.2 The competing robots, which can be fully automatic or semi automatic.
2.3 Participants are required to submit a video clip or digital photographs (up to a maximum of
2MB in total file size,) of their entry to the organiser when you submit your entry for the
qualifying round.

3. Rule and Guidelines
3.1 Team
Team members are limited to maximal 3 students.
3.2 Competition
3.2.1 level
All teams will be grouped into 2 division according to their school level, elementary
school level and secondary school level. The JUNIOR division is restricted to students who are currently enrolled and
studying at an approved Primary education provider. The SENIOR division is restricted to students enrolled and studying at a
recognized Primary or Secondary education provider. If a team has students from both a Primary and a Secondary education provider
the team must participate in the SENIOR division.
3.2.2 Time Duration.
Each team will have a total of 5 minutes for the presentation.

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