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1. Game description

The objective of the Fire-Fighting contest is to build a robot which can solve a maze and extinguish
a fire. A candle will represent the fire, which has started in the maze-home. robot must respond to
are alarm, discover the blaze, and extinguish it in the shortest possible time. To accomplish that
overall task, we suggest the robot start on a signal (a simulated fire alarm), explore a typical family
home (the arena), locate a fire (a burning candle), extinguish it, and optionally re-turn to its starting
point. The robot must operate autonomously during all parts of the challenge, without human
intervention, using its own sensors, control logic, and actuators. The light level of the surroundings
in the testing area will not be known until the day of the competition. The robot of two team at
same time must extinguish a fire in the shortest time possible and the winner is team with higher
number of extinguish the candle

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