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The land is simply too dangerous for humans to reach the victims. Your team has been given a difficult task. The robot must be able to carry out the rescue mission in a fully autonomous mode with no human assistance. The robot must be durable and intelligent enough to navigate through treacherous terrain with hills, uneven land and rubble without getting stuck. When the robot finally finds the victims, it has to gently and carefully transport the victims to the safe evacuation point where humans can take over the rescue. After the victim rescue, the robot should be able to find its way out of the dangerous area.

Time and technical skills are the essential! Come prepared to be the most successful rescue team.


An autonomous robot should follow a black line while overcoming different problems in a modular arena formed by tiles with different patterns. The floor is white in color and the tiles are on different levels connected with ramps.

Teams are not allowed to give their robot any advance information about the field as the robot is
supposed to recognize the field by itself. The robot earns points as follows:

  • 15 points for following the correct path on a tile at an intersection or a dead end.
  • 10 points for overcoming an obstacle (bricks, blocks, weights and other large, heavy items).
  • robot is expected to navigate the various obstacles.
  • 10 points for reacquiring the line after a gap.
  • 5 points for negotiating a speed bump.

If the robot gets stuck in the field, it can be restarted at the last visited checkpoint. The robot will earn points when it reaches new checkpoints.

At the end of the line there will be a rectangular room with walls (the evacuation zone). The entrance to the room will be marked with a strip of reflective silver tape on the floor. Once inside the evacuation zone, the robot should locate and transport as many live victims (reflective silver balls of 4-5 cm diameter that are electrically conductive) or dead victims (black balls of 4-5 cm diameter that are not electrically conductive) as possible to an evacuation point in one of the corners of the room. The robot can earn between 15 to 40 points for each victim depending of the difficulty level.


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