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In the International Islamic School Robot Olympiad soccer challenge, teams of two autonomous mobile robots compete against another team in matches. They must look for a ball, trying to score into a color-coded goal in a special field built in a way that resembles the actual field for human soccer. Robots are required to have full autonomy from humans, technical designs, and ingenious programming by their developers.

Participants of this challenge are required to give the best of their abilities in programming, robotics, electronics and mechatronics, but also to contribute on teamwork and knowledge sharing with other participants, regardless of culture, age or result in the competition. All are expected to compete, learn, have fun and grow up.

Changes from Internation Islamic School Robot Olympiad 2016 Soccer Rules

The changes determined by the Technical Committee for this year’s rules aim to fix some organizational loopholes which have been identified in the past few years, further standardize the playing field, bring more transparency to the process of inspections and interviews, and bridging the gap between the Junior and Major competitions by providing more opportunities for incorporating more computer vision and artificial intelligence methods in the construction and programming of competitor’s robots.

Internation Islamic School Robot Olympiad Soccer consist of two sub-leagues. These sub-leagues are called “Soccer Open” and “Soccer Lightweight”, These rules apply for the 2 sub-leagues, the main difference is that the matches in the Soccer Lightweight sub-league are played using the IR ball, whereas Soccer Open sub-league are conducted using a passive ball. There are also some differences on robots’ specifications (see 5. Ball, for balls specifications and 8. League Regulations, for more details for specifications/regulations).

Construction and Programming have to be performed exclusively by the students

Robots must be constructed and programmed exclusively by student members of the team. Mentors, teachers, parents or companies should not be involved in the design, construction, assembly, programming and debugging of robots. To avoid embarrassment and possible disqualification, it is extremely important that teams abide by – 8. League Regulations – 8.2.3 Construction – and – 8.2.4 Programming – (found toward the end of this document) and all other competitor’s rules. If in doubt, please consult with your Regional Representative before registering your team.

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